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Posted by davidsokol in 'Partner support', on 19 Oct 2011, 11:53AM

Hi everyone, my name is David and I've been involved in the cancer community after my wife died of breask cancer 12 years ago. After her death I had a "mid-life" professional identity crisis and left a 20+ year career in corporate management (during which I completed post-grad studies in Counselling) to spend my professional time supporting people going through "tough stuff". Whilst I work full-time in the community services sector I maintain a small counselling practice supporting families dealing with the unwelcome visitor called cancer. I also volunteer for the NSW Cancer Council which brings me great delight in travelling around the State meeting survivors and their partner/family/carers. Because I spent several years counselling in the Central West of NSW I am set up for web-based sessions (since some clients want to "see" me over Skype) as well as face-to-face.

I would be happy to make myself available to support your endeavours if you believe that there is something useful that I can bring to your group.

Congratulations on the initiative to start up the group. I certainly experienced a complete absence of support all those years ago.  I have a posting on the BCNA site, too, wanting to begin some sort of blokes' support group in Sydney but after a long while, no-one has contacted me about the group. Dean and I have had some good email exchanges and it makes sense to consolidate interested parties in the one place.

Good luck with it all.



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Hi David,

Welcome to the group and thanks for introducing yourself, it's good to have you here!


Welcome David

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Welcome David, i look forward to your input in our wows and worries on this beautiful site of wonderful people. It will be good to hear a males advice if you find the time so dont be a stranger. All advice, knowledge and thoughts are valuable to someone.   

Cheers Jo

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Well done david, I am sure my mate would have appreciated the opportunity when I was diagnosed. Hope you post lots!! Cheers (another) Jo

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Thanks for all of your warm welcomes. The good thing about being a counsellor is the understanding that I don't have the answers - just a genuine curiosity to help others get in touch with they already know (at some level) to be their answers!

I'm more than happy to contribute when I feel it's appropriate. It's sometimes wonderful just to be an observer to people supporting one another.



Hi David!

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Hi David,


Thanks for letting us know your story and that you are out there.  Unless we drive this then it isn't going to happen so I'm glad to hear that you are out there making a difference. 


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Thanks Simon. I'm sure, over time, we'll all support each other. Sometimes it's about someone else helping us reconnect to the answers we already know are best for ourselves!  Let's keep sharing.


'Partner support'

'Partner support'


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