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Posted by Scotty H in 'Partner support', on 18 Oct 2011, 09:34PM

Hey Guys , it is good to see other men who are a support to there wives and also to other men.

Through our journey I have meet alot of great survivors and fighters but some of the men you can see struggling you just want to take for a coffee or a scotch and say " so whats on your mind".

I would love to talk more with anyone that would like to share stories and be a support for others.

Cheers Scotty H

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Hey Scott!  Thanks for joining in so quickly (love that pink poncho pic! :).

Good luck for Friday -- come back and let us know how it goes.



I know what you mean

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Hi Scotty, 

Thanks for your post and yes I agree, we don't necessarily need structured formal gigs, as much as we need a network of people who can say, lets go have coffee, or drink and just spend time with someone who appreciates what you are going through without having to say it out loud.



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Hey Simon

Im with you , nothing structured just a network of people to chat with. And some partners dont want to have a face just stay anonymous , so this would be a great place for them to come.


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'Partner support'


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