Long time!

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Posted by Smiley_30 in Single Mums with Cancer, on 20 Nov 2012, 07:21PM

Hello lovely ladies...
I do apologize for not posting anything in such a long time. I went through a bit of an emotional roller coaster, not knowing who I am, and ofcourse having to take care of my 2 girls while trying to figure it all out..
I can say that I am much better than I was a few months ago, still have ups and downs especially when I get bad news with reoccurrence of BC, espically when it's triple neg!

Well, been busy with my 2..
Thalia (11)has started and settled very well into her new school, while Beilah (5) is getting ready and all set for Kindy next year.
They seem to have gotten through my BC experience very well, but have not forgotten that it has happened. I guess I mean no emotional issues have carried on.
I do try and not let them see me upset when I am feeling a bit down & it's related to BC. I have never hidden any of my treatment from them, but now that I am not in treatment I don't want to show them that every now and then I worry even get scared too..
The joys of parenting!! On the upside, thier father who was absent for over 1 yr and all while chemo has been good and looking after them allowing me to have some "me time" something i have not had in years!

How is everyone?? What updates/news do you have
? I think of you all very much..
Take care beautiful ladies and smile.


Been watching you on FB

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Onwards and upwards now XLeonie

Good news!

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I had a full bi lateral reconstruction in September and am thrilled with the results. Also met Leonie briefly at the Sydney conference so that was great!
Soly are you going to the SAN for the workshop on Dec 4th? (Gingerbread house making)
Cheers all

Hi everyone

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Hi there,

I thought I'd introduce myself as I'm new to the group. I am a 47 year old mother of one, my son Ryan is 14. I live in Brisbane. Ryan's dad lives in Melbourne so I get very little time to myself, although now Ryan is getting older he is out and about a lot more without me. In fact, during my treatment he went to South Africa for three weeks with his dad, and then was away for two weeks in January at the Scout Jamboree and I missed him terribly. I wish I could have more frequent shorter breaks rather than the long ones. Pity he was away when I was in the middle of treatment too, if it had been the previous year I'd have taken the opportunity for a fantastic holiday myself!

I was diagnosed in July 2012 with invasive breast cancer, had a lumpectomy, then mastectomy, chemo and radiotherapy and just finished it all thank goodness! Now on the 5 years of Tamoxifen. I've met a few people during the whole experience but everyone seems to have a partner and they don't understand the issues faced by single parents which is why I thought I'd join up here.

Anyway, won't ramble on more now. Take care,


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