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Posted by Smiley_30 in Single Mums with Cancer, on 23 Mar 2012, 12:15PM

Hello lovely ladies!!!
Just wanting to see how everyone is?
I've been a little distant lately as I've been trying to see more of my family & friends after a very emotional ending to 2011.
I guess it's been a emotional roller coaster with the menopause, & I was struggling daily to focus on what I had to do, so I started on antidepressant for 2 reasons, to help with the hot flushes, as I was not sleeping (that has improved a little) & to help refocus on everything.
So things are definitely on the way up now!! I've accepted a few shifts at my old job, & a job for 5 weeks.
The girls are doing well. Thalia just turned 11 last wk, but unfortunately that pre teen attitude is happening! It's so bizarre to see her growing up so fast, her body changing. I forgot that feeling/thoughts as I was growing up...Beilah well she is just a character! We are getting along ALOT better these days, she is keen on learning to read & write & recognizing lettered everywhere we go.

I guess that is everything to date. I'm sure chemo brain is at play, & I'm forgetting something important to share...
Take care & keep smiling


Hello update

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Hello Soly,

It's abit late in the evening. Just checking my emails. Went to work 9 to 5 then gym 1hour on the tread mill, out to dinner with my 18 year old daughter, then watched a movie in the lounge room. A top day really. Lifes very good at the moment.

Hi Sole

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Been keeping an eye on you on facebook so I haven't missed much.  Glad to see that you are well enough to consider work.  I have now officially retired.  Goodo - don't know how I ever fitted it in!!!!  We are currently having renovations done on our investment home.  So life is very busy -trying to pack up this house and also keeping both yards looking good.  I might fall in a heap at the end but boy am I enjoying the buzz for the moment.  I am off to dragonboating tomorrow so that is something good as well.  I don't want to miss a thing!!!!   I have quite a few reunions coming up as well so all the exercise will help to keep me looking good!!!  Ha ha.  Keep well. XLeonie

Hi Smiley

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Glad to see you are on the up. i too fell in a heap a few months after my treatment was finished, and i was prescribed anti depressants which i fought against taking, by keep on saying i'm strong, i got through all the treatment i can get through this, but after a month of having them in a drawer i decided to take them... Best thing i ever done, and true to my doctors words, about a year to the day of taking them, i KNEW i didnt need them anymore, and i haven't looked back. So good on you for seeking help, i suppose there is such a stigma about depression, but we are the lucky ones who accepted it and got treatment to help us. And yes it doesnt make us any less stronger. so good luck and enjoy the teen attitude from your daughter lol. X

Nice to know you are on the up

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Hi Smiley, Nothing wrong with anti-depressants. I believe that after chemo, the little pacman has kill off the production of our serotonin - anti-depressant just help to replenish them, so you can function normally. You are the strong one to acknowledge it and accept it. I wish the understanding of mental heath are more widespread. Glad to know you are well. I too, when down then now on the up ramp ... enjoying the NOW with my two beautiful child. Funny life gets busier when you are back on the norm, I've been "catching up" on the miss times with almost 5 son (who I miss out on some of the beach/sun/sand times when he was 2-3yr old during treatment) I am in Sydney East. Let me know if you like to meet up for a cuppa. xxxooo your way. cheers, Amy

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