Article from my local paper...

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Posted by Smiley_30 in Single Mums with Cancer, on 05 Oct 2011, 01:03PM

Hello, its been a very busy and intresting couple of weeks with media interviews to try and raise more breast cancer awareness, especially in younger women, so i contacted my local paper and they did this story on my girls and i...



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Well done Sole.   I am very proud of you and tell many others how strong you are. XLeonie

Made me cry!

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Hi Sole,

What a wonderful article! Well done. I must admit that it brought tears to my eyes because of what you had to go through. Good on you! Stay strong. You are such an inspiration to women of all ages. Good luck with the follow up and with your gorgeous girls. I too have 2 wonderful daughters but I face the prospect of having to get them tested in the future as my mother had BC at 59. Their future scares me but I'm sure things will be different for them in the future.

Take care and we are all so proud of you!

Alison xx

What a great article!

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Thanks for posting Sole.see you soon,

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