Living with breast cancer

Deb Murray and friends in the garden
Looking after yourself emotionally and physically will help in the recovery from your treatment.

Many women diagnosed with breast cancer find it can be a time to re-evaluate their lifestyle and what is important to them.

You might find yourself thinking more about your health, your body and your spirit. Looking after yourself, emotionally and physically, can help you recover from treatment, keep you energised and feeling mentally stronger.

Treatment for breast cancer can affect how you feel about yourself, and your sexuality. It can also mean unchartered territory for relationships, but with information and support you can strengthen your bond with those closest to you. You may also find that it's a time to re-evaluate some of your relationships and the people that you spend time with.

Practically, there are a lot of balls to juggle, from finances and insurance to making decisions about paid employment. There can be some additional challenges for women in rural and remote parts Australia.

This section gives you information and tips on dealing with these issues, and more, during your breast cancer journey.

Life after breast cancer

In the video below, Australian women and families share their experience following a diagnosis of breast cancer and how they adapted to the 'new normal' after treatment.


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