'Living with advanced / secondary breast cancer'

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This group has been set up for those living with secondary/advanced breast cancer. Giving you somewhere to 'share' and 'air' your experience and tips.

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Welcome! We look forward to hearing from those who want to connect and share their experiences of living with secondary / advanced breast cancer.

Note: This group is set to 'private' and only members can see content or participate.

Some suggested guidelines:

  • You need to be living with advanced disease
  • We respect everybody is an individual and will have differences
  • No medical professionals names to be mentioned
  • We do not give advice around treatments or make recommendations
  • We do provide lots of morale support

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To connect with others living with secondary breast cancer simply join this online group - 'Request membership now'

You can then:

  • create a blog post and share your experience - introduce youself, ask a question or share tips that helped you!
  • you can view 'all members' of this group and read through their stories

More information

If you are looking for information about advanced / secondary breast cancer then you might find the 'Secondary breast cancer' section on our website helpful.

Or if you are seeking support for your family members. You may wish to link them off to one of the following online groups: Support for your partner  |  Support for children

This group's blog is private and is only shared with members.

new meds

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Posted by pamjau in 'Living with advanced / secondary breast cancer', on 01 May 2013, 11:47AM

I have been on a pamidrinate drip for the last 2 years for my bone cancer. Also on arimadex. My veins had become so bad Nurses could not even find them, half the time. My Oncologist was about to book me in for a Port. But wait she said, all the new patients are on something new.So  now am on Denosumab, which is only an injection. My visit to the Chemo Day Centre now has gone from the 2 hour drip to about 10 minutes.. Great... Yee Haa


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Posted by morry in 'Living with advanced / secondary breast cancer', on 04 Mar 2012, 07:13PM


I was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer one year ago and and at present I am being treated with Femara. Panadol Osteo, Vitamin D and every month an infusion of Zometa. It would be nice to hear from people who are being treated likewise.

I am fortunate that I do not have hardly any side effects.

I often wonder how long this treatment will continue and to have someone to share my concerns good or bad.

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'Living with advanced / secondary breast cancer'

'Living with advanced / secondary breast cancer'


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