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This online group has been set up as a central place for partners to connect and share their experiences following the diagnosis of their loved one.

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Being the partner of someone with breast cancer can be a very difficult period in your life. The highs and lows, including shock, fear, relief, anxiety and strength, can have a huge impact, both physically and emotionally.

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Where can I get support?

mj's picture
Posted by mj in 'Partner support', on 09 Jan 2015, 02:36AM

My wife Michelle has not been diagnosed. She is very reluctant to take treatment.  If it is cancer, it is quite advanced, she can feel it growing and her pain becomes more consistent.  

We are private people and have few friends to rely on. I think the time fast approaches where we will need help.

Can someone point me in the right direction soon please....I don't know what to do!

Thank you

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BCNA needs the help of partners/family

JessicaDanti's picture
Posted by JessicaDanti in 'Partner support', on 26 May 2014, 01:15PM

BCNA is currently working to revise and redevelop our website and would love to have the input of partners/family members.

We wanted to ensure that the information and services available to those affected by breast cancer is easy to access and understand.

To help us do this, we are holding a group session in South Melbourne on Wednesday, 28th May at 6:00pm for partners/family who might like to participate and give their input on how the website works.

NEW Partner support resource

Daina Jones's picture
Posted by Daina Jones in 'Partner support', on 29 Nov 2013, 12:15PM

Hi all,

BCNA’s new booklet was released last month ‘I wish I could fix it’: Supporting your partner through breast cancer.

This booklet aims to help partners, male and female, of women diagnosed with breast cancer within the last 12 months. Of course, those beyond the 12 month mark are still welcome to download the booklet if they think it may be useful to them or their partner.

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Same Sex partners need support too

Jac n Chele's picture
Posted by Jac n Chele in 'Partner support', on 26 Oct 2012, 08:01PM

Hi, my name is Jacqui, and as the female partner of a beautiful woman that has now survived breast cancer, I would like to provide support for any other same sex couples that are experiencing this roller coaster. We were (and are still) extremely lucky to have great support networks (medical, friends and family), but we did not know of anyone in the "same boat" as us, and at times it would have been a great help to have this support. I am more than happy for people to contact me via this site and we can go from there. Thanks xx

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What was the one thing you wish someone had told you sooner?

samouatt's picture
Posted by samouatt in 'Partner support', on 24 Oct 2011, 09:18PM

Ok so I'm really curious to know where the gaps are in chemo/living with a partner who is undergoing treatment for cancer orientation?  So what is the one thing that you wish you had known straight up front instead of having to learn through trial and error?

For me it was the following:

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'Partner support'

'Partner support'


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