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This online group has been set up to provide a place for single mums to connect and support each other following a diagnosis of cancer.

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My name is Soly, I was diganosed with breast cancer on the 7/12/10. I had two grade three tumors, triple negative, with three Lymph nodes positive. I had a left Mastectomy on the 13/12/10 and on the 24/1/11 I started 6 rounds of TAC Chemo. I was 30 at the time!

I am a sinlge mother of two beautiful girls aged 9 & 3 at the time of my diagnosis.

One of the hardest things I found during my journey was still having the sole responsibility of my two daughters. I found alot of support for myself, as a woman, breast cancer support goups both online and face to face, but even with all this, I still felt alone at times and wished I could have another single mum to talk to that was experiencing the same issues as me, as a "SINGLE MOTHER".

During my treatment I had a vision of a place where all Single mums going through a diagnosis of cancer can turn to with their children. I promised myself that once I was stronger and starting my "New Normal Life" I would establish a group for single mums with young children.

I live in Sydney and would love to make contact with Single Mums Australia wide for online support and face to face meeting in Sydney.

Long time!

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Posted by Smiley_30 in Single Mums with Cancer, on 20 Nov 2012, 07:21PM

Hello lovely ladies...
I do apologize for not posting anything in such a long time. I went through a bit of an emotional roller coaster, not knowing who I am, and ofcourse having to take care of my 2 girls while trying to figure it all out..
I can say that I am much better than I was a few months ago, still have ups and downs especially when I get bad news with reoccurrence of BC, espically when it's triple neg!

Well, been busy with my 2..
Thalia (11)has started and settled very well into her new school, while Beilah (5) is getting ready and all set for Kindy next year.


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Posted by Smiley_30 in Single Mums with Cancer, on 23 Mar 2012, 12:15PM

Hello lovely ladies!!!
Just wanting to see how everyone is?
I've been a little distant lately as I've been trying to see more of my family & friends after a very emotional ending to 2011.
I guess it's been a emotional roller coaster with the menopause, & I was struggling daily to focus on what I had to do, so I started on antidepressant for 2 reasons, to help with the hot flushes, as I was not sleeping (that has improved a little) & to help refocus on everything.
So things are definitely on the way up now!! I've accepted a few shifts at my old job, & a job for 5 weeks.

A post from Facebook, I thought it was nice.

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Posted by Smiley_30 in Single Mums with Cancer, on 17 Jan 2012, 10:21AM

♥ This is for all the strong ladies who have been through a lot in life and survived!!•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*• Say this out loud •*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•"I am strong because I know weakness.•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*• I am compassionate because I have experienced suffering.

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Article from my local paper...

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Posted by Smiley_30 in Single Mums with Cancer, on 05 Oct 2011, 01:03PM

Hello, its been a very busy and intresting couple of weeks with media interviews to try and raise more breast cancer awareness, especially in younger women, so i contacted my local paper and they did this story on my girls and i...

Mums, Mums, Mums...

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Posted by Smiley_30 in Single Mums with Cancer, on 02 Oct 2011, 03:57PM

It still amazes me the strength women have!

OK, im puttng my self on that quote above. Its been just over 2years since my marriage ended leaving me to be responsible for our 2 girls, 8 and 2 at the time. For about 3 months after our seperation i was constantly calling/msg him to arrange times to see the girls,never did he call to make the plans! Then one day in January of 2010 it accured to me, that one of the things he said to me before we seperated was that he was sick of me telling him what to do...So i stopped trying to make the arrangements.

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