In 2014, BCNA has over 100,000 members and more than 300 member groups, all with the shared experience of breast cancer. Our mission is to ensure these voices are heard by policy makers, health providers and planners.

Our current policy development takes its broad direction from our members and our stakeholders. 

  • We gather and report on information from our members which is used to inform our program, policy and advocacy work.
  • Our position statements on key topics reflect our research and feedback from members.
  • Submissions and reviews are made wherever breast cancer is considered and discussed.
  • We ensure that the general community is kept aware of the impact breast cancer has upon women and their families through our work with print and electronic media on a national and/or a state basis.
  • Individual women are encouraged to speak out and contribute to change that benefits all people with breast cancer and their families.
  • Members appointed as Community Liaisons represent BCNA in their local communities, speaking to community groups and the media. They also provide feedback on issues affecting women in their area.
  • BCNA has trained Consumer Representatives on committees across the country who contribute informed views to benefit all women affected by breast cancer.

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