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Hope & Hurdles
My Journey Kit for women diagnosed with early breast cancer and Hope & Hurdles for women with secondary breast cancer

My Journey Kit and Hope & Hurdles

BCNA's free flagship resources are My Journey Kit for women diagnosed with early breast cancer, and Hope & Hurdles for women diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. Both resources have been endorsed by key breast cancer organisations and peak bodies such as the Medical Oncology Group of Australia and Cancer Nurses Society of Australia, providing assurance that the information is accurate and correct.

Sample packs

Health professionals can request a sample pack of both resources to assist with explaining diagnosis and treatment, and the availability of on-going support.  Sample packs are also useful to show women what will arrive in the mail, so they know what to expect.

We ask that sample packs are not given out to women as the resources are updated regularly and sample packs can quickly become dated. We also believe that it is important that every woman is given the opportunity to be connected in to our ongoing programs of information and support. Health professionals can place an order for a kit on a woman's behalf (with her consent), simply by entering her details into an online order form. The kit will then be sent to her directly by mail at no cost.

My Care Kit

My Care Kit is for women who have recently had breast surgery. It contains a specially designed Berlei bra and soft form/s, provided through a partnership between BCNA and Berlei.

The bra features seams and lining that avoid pressure, extra hooks and eyes in the back to allow for any swelling, and soft form inserts that can be modified to size in a style that caters for support and comfort. It is designed to cover the post surgery period of up to12 weeks and can be worn during radiation treatment.

My Care Kit is available free of charge to women in Australia who undergo surgery for breast cancer, and is distributed via Health Professionals enrolled in the My Care Kit program. Once enrolled, Health Professionals can order this bra for women in their care.

Each My Care Kit also includes a DVD - Strengthen Your Recovery, a Pilates program following breast cancer surgery, a copy of our latest edition of The Beacon,information on how to order a My Journey Kit, and the Medicare External Breast Prostheses Reimbursement Program flyer. 

The My Care Kit Guidelines (see downloadable PDF below) contains more information about how to enrol in the My Care Kit program, place orders online, and the step by step process for measuring a woman and determining their bra size. 

Any further queries can be directed to BCNA's Service Team by email to or phone 1800 500 258.

Stay in touch through regular updates

The electronic Health Professionals Update provides regular information on BCNA's key resources and services for women, as well as other news relevant to professionals working in breast cancer. They are sent quarterly by email.

  • To subscribe to health professionals updates, email and request "Subscription to health professionals updates".


Other resources

The Beacon and The Inside Story

The Beacon is our free national magazine for women with breast cancer and their families and friends. The Inside Story is a supplement to The Beacon magazine and is specifically for women with secondary breast cancer.

Brochures, booklets and fact sheets

BCNA brochures, booklets and fact sheets complement our comprehensive information resources, for women, their families and colleagues to assist during the cancer journey. These resources cover topics such as fertility, sexual wellbeing, pathology reports, depression, hair loss and travel insurance. 

  • To order hard copies: most fact sheets are available for order from our online shop and our fact sheets page, or you can phone 1800 500 258.

Research Bulletins

Research Bulletins provide a range of credible and interesting breast cancer information including alerts about relevant events and conferences and research updates in four key areas of interest:

  • family history and hereditary breast cancer
  • young women and breast cancer
  • secondary breast cancer
  • women with breast cancer in rural and remote areas.

To subscribe to Research Bulletins, email us at and request "Subscription to Research Bulletins". Please also provide your name, email address, and your area(s) of interest.

The Cancer Learning website

The Cancer Learning website, developed by Cancer Australia, is an online professional development website designed specifically for health care professionals working in cancer care.

More information



Working with Health professionals

As a consumer organisation, BCNA works with Health professionals to ensure that the needs of those with breast cancer are met. This is not just in relation to medical and treatment concerns, but also the wider range of emotional, interpersonal, social and practical issues that they and their families face.

BCNA also works with Health Professionals to ensure that those diagnosed receive information and resources that help inform them of their diagnosis and treatment, and the on-going support available. Research shows that well informed patients are less anxious and better able to be involved in their breast cancer journey.

"On behalf of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), I would like to congratulate BCNA on the development of the My Journey Kit.

The RACGP is pleased to be associated with such a high quality resource.

Congratulations and best wishes"

-- Michael Kidd, President, RACGP

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