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Who we are

Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) works to ensure that Australians affected by breast cancer receive the very best support, information, treatment and care appropriate to their individual needs.

BCNA is the peak national organisation for Australians affected by breast cancer, and consists of a network of more than 100,000 members and 300 Member Groups. More than 90 per cent of our members have had a diagnosis of breast cancer, and the remaining members have had a personal experience with breast cancer through a family member or friend.

We are represented by the Pink Lady silhouette, symbolic of our focus on the women diagnosed with breast cancer and all those around her.

Our mission

BCNA supports, informs, represents and connects Australians affected by breast cancer.

Support we support the needs of Australians affected by breast cancer through our services, resources and programs.
Inform we develop and provide high quality information in a range of formats including information that can empower participation in decisions about treatment and care.
Represent we advocate on behalf of Australians affected or at risk of breast cancer to ensure their voices are heard.
Connect we connect people through their shared breast cancer experience to build support for individuals, groups and communities.

Strategic Priorities 2014 - 16

Develop and implement health promotion programs that support wellbeing and survivorship, including exercise
and nutrition. 

Focus on supporting the complex and specific needs of women with secondary
breast cancer

Broaden our research agenda to better engage and inform on issues of importance and relevance to Australians affected
by breast cancer.      
Support women with low English proficiency from five culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds with resources.

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How you can help

Help us to continue providing free programs, resources and support to all Australians affected by breast cancer.

We could not do what we do without the support of people like you who share our passion and commitment.

Annual Review - 2013

We want women to thrive after breast cancer and we are determined to contribute to this.
– Marg O'Donnell,
BCNA Chair

Annual Review - 2013

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